The Romney Marsh Timber company is situated in a truly unique part of the Kent countryside, the Romney marsh is 100 square miles of reclaimed land that is now a popular destination for tourists and a lovely spot to move to with lovely little villages and a lovely coastline.


We are the only natural edge timber yard on the marsh, we offer a huge amount of english hardwood to the furniture trade, hobbyists and woodturners.


We specalise in Live Edge timber slabs and Waney Edge boards.


Unlike a lot of the larger live edge timber companies around the country we offer some really unique timbers as well as the run of the mill English hardwoods, we also stock timber offcuts and branch sections for artists and woodturners, our stock is all cut at a minimum of 60 mm thick this aids stability during the drying process.

We stock board from 1.8 in length up to 4.25 meters long and up to 1.5 wide.

The drying process is significantly faster on the Romney marsh due to the constant wind predominantly from the south west, although very cold in the winter the prevailing south westerly wind during the Summer is lovely and warm and during summer months the timber is naturally down to 10 % moisture content and exceptionally stable.

Unlike kiln dried timber as its dried naturally it doesnt take on moisture as readily as kiln dried which helps with stability.


At the Romney marsh timber company, English timber is our passion, also as Ive been a furniture maker all my life Im more than happy to give advice on timber and steer people in the right direction to make beautiful furniture from our timber, as well as advise on resin work, so many English timbers are overlooked that why we our aim is to stock unusual and unique home grown timber.


All our timber comes from managed woodland or was destined for bio mass, we also buy timber from local tree surgeons when ever possible, once milled we treat all boards with a water based insecticide that penetrates the timber and not only kills existing beetle if present but stops re-infestation once sprayed the timber is stacked in to boules.


We use plastic stickers / spacers in between each board to allow air flow and help with the drying process, we use plastic as this leaves no stick marks / staining on the timber, so if you are looking for home grown timber cut with care and stored with love then pop and see us and come and see the best office in the country.